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PortNet Signs Three Conventions

PortNet signs three conventions

PortNet Signs Three Conventions

Casablanca, Morocco (PortSEurope) December 22, 2017 – The annual convention of the single window PortNet was marked by the signature of three conventions with the ANRT, the Onssa, the ADII as well as the association of Freight Forwaders (AFFM). These agreements are aimed at facilitating the procedures and the computerized exchange of data.

“These partnerships are part of the national strategy for developing logistics competitiveness for the benefit of the players in the foreign trade logistics chain. They also aim to improve the quality of public service, the business climate, the competitiveness of economic operators and the attractiveness of Morocco to foreign investment, “said Jalal Benhayoune, CEO of PortNet.

The first agreement was signed between the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, the Customs and Indirect Taxation Administration and PortNet SA. Its objective is to ease approval formalities for telecommunications equipment by dematerializing the application process for approval, exemption and import authorization for products subject to approval by the ANRT.

The second agreement was initialed by the National Food Safety Authority (ONSSA), the Customs and Indirect Taxation Administration and PortNet SA. It focuses on the simplification of cross-border trade procedures through the computerized exchange of data, via the PortNet Single Window and the improvement of the conditions for customs clearance of products subject to Onssa’s control and the strengthening of the protection of the environment. consumer.

As for the third partnership, it was established between the Freight Forwaders Association and PortNet SA. It aims at supporting and upgrading these operators, improving the framework for the exercise of their activity at the regulatory, technical and financial levels, as well as supporting the federation actions of the players in the import / export logistics chain. and promoting good practices in sustainable logistics.

For Nadia Laraki, DG of the National Ports Agency (ANP): “Our single window model is an important lever in the process of integrating the foreign trade chain. From the first years of its launch, it has had a positive impact on Morocco’s foreign trade process “.

Through its digital platform, PortNet aims to simplify and dematerialize the processes, administrative and logistics serving the ecosystem of foreign trade. The one-stop shop also expanded the dematerialization of port services last November. After the ports of Casablanca and Agadir, it was the turn of the port of Nador to welcome these new services: the electronic announcement of the notice of arrival of the containers to the export and the arrival of the goods on the import.

These two measures are part of the strategy of digitization of the port enclosures, driven by the ANP. They are added to the other services already operational via the PortNet platform (ship stop management, control and removal of goods). These changes favor the facilitation of the procedures, the fluidification of the flows, the decrease of the costs and the delays of stay in the port …

The PortNet Single Window has, to date, more than 29,156 customers and offers its paid dematerialized services to a community of more than 33,632 users. This platform was first deployed in its port phase at the port of Casablanca in March 2011, under the initiative of the National Ports Agency. It has been generalized to other foreign trade processes since 2012.

Source: L’Economiste

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