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95% Of Replies Support The New Terminal Of The Port Of Valencia

95% of replies support the new terminal of the port of Valencia

95% Of Replies Support The New Terminal Of The Port Of ValenciaSource: MSC

The Port Authority of Valencia will answer each of the allegations and try to incorporate the improvements that can be assumed. 205 out of a total of 216 allegations are positive – January 16, 2020

Once the deadline for submitting allegations to the proposal of the TIL – Terminal International Limited) for the construction and operation of the new container terminal of the Port of Valencia, the Registry of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) has recorded the entry of 216 documents, submitted by many other business and union organizations, associations, companies and individuals.

A total of 205 of the 216 registered allegations, (95%) are positive and favourable to the new terminal project selected by APV, eight are negative or contrary (3.70%), two are reports from the Ministry of Agriculture / Environment and the City of Valencia (0.93%), and one (0.46%) is an allegation understood as neutral, delivered by the Coordinating Union, focused on the use of the new terminal.

The amount of the allegations and the support that the project has managed to bring together is an example of citizen participation; and demonstrates the interest that the port arouses in society and in the economic sectors of the Valencian Community, aware of the importance that the new facilities will suppose for Valencia, for the Valencian Community and for Spain.

The Port Authority of Valencia wants to express its gratitude to each of the people, companies and associations that have written and contributed their views related to the project, open to public allegation.

The sectoral and territorial diversity of the origin of the positive allegations is interpreted by the APV as a sign of confidence in the management carried out by the professionals of Valenciaport to attract a private investment to the Community and the city of Valencia to which others aspired competing ports

The Port Authority of Valencia reiterates its commitment to study, analyze and answer constructively each of the allegations presented – as stated on how many times this issue has been raised – with the aim of trying to incorporate the improvements that could be Assume, given that the new north terminal of the Port of Valencia is a project that will be a remarkable advance in terms of welfare and employment for society as a whole and the Valencian economy.

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

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