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Adriatic Ports Need To Grasp Opportunities Of Trade With Asia

Adriatic ports need to grasp opportunities of trade with Asia

Adriatic Ports Need To Grasp Opportunities Of Trade With AsiaSource: Adriaports

Trieste, Italy (PortSEurope) December 6, 2018 – The Adriatic ports need to take advantage of the increased trade with Asia to realise their full growth potential, the president of Propeller Club Milan, Ricardo Fuochi, said.

For this reason, it is desirable that each port of call focuses on its specialisation and that at the system level, synergies based on complementarity between ports are developed, Fuochi noted.

Small and medium-sized operators need to join forces, diversify by specialising in value-added niche markets and above all work on technological innovation, Fuochi said.  “Then there is the great topic of infrastructure: it is necessary to identify and implement the priority for each port. I would then like to mention the operators and in particular the suppliers of logistics and shipping services.” 

From the recent Propeller Club’s mission to Singapore, it has become clear that the New Silk Road is much more than a major infrastructure development project, it is a win-win initiative, promoted by China and 100 other countries, to promote the prosperity of all the actors involved, he added.

Source: TheMediTelegraph

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