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AdSP Palermo Signs Anti-mafia Protocol

AdSP Palermo signs anti-mafia protocol

AdSP Palermo Signs Anti-mafia ProtocolSource: AdSP del Mare di Sicilia Occidentale

Palermo, Italy (PortSEurope) June 18, 2018 – Strengthening the administrative anti-mafia prevention in work orders, services and suppliers of Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mare di Sicilia Occidentale (AdSP – Western Sicilian Sea Port Authority), this is the purpose of the protocol signed by the Prefect of Palermo, Antonella De Miro, and President of the AdSP, Pasqualino Monti.

The prefect highlighted how the protocol is placed in continuity with a relationship of collaboration that has long existed between the Prefecture and the AdSP on the issue of administrative anti-mafia prevention, in the matter of concessions on state-owned areas and authorizations to port enterprises, which has already led to the adoption of three anti-mafia bans against companies.

“It becomes extremely important”, said the prefect, “to strengthen this collaboration with reference also to works, supplies and services, in order to securely arm the interventions that the AdSP has in the four ports that fall within its jurisdiction”.

In fact, the AdSP has reported that the port of Palermo as well as the other ports falling within the jurisdiction of jurisdiction, Termini Imerese, Trapani and Porto Empedocle, will be affected by structural interventions on public resources for a very large amount, which could be the subject of speculative attention by the mafia, a feared danger even if we consider that in the past, as judicially established, activities carried out in the port of Palermo were under the direct control of the various families”.

Source: Giornale di Sicilia

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