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AdSP Reviews Portoferrario Proposal

AdSP reviews Portoferrario proposal

AdSP Reviews Portoferrario ProposalSource: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale

Livorno, Italy (PortSEurope) June 27, 2019 – Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale (AdSP – North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority) is considering a proposal to redevelop Portoferrario, the port located on the northern coast of Elba island.

The main proposal is to extend the Alto Fondale wharf by 64 metres, thus creating an approach with a final length of approximately 180 metres. This means the port will be able to receive the latest generation ships.

Also, the Port Authority intends to reduce the length of the Calata Depositi (currently 105 metres long) by 30 metres, realizing it with the Molo Gallo and thus extending available space on the ground, 1500 m², which can be used to facilitate disembarking and embarking vehicles without hindering congested local roads.

Also for the landing areas at the root of the Pier 1, it is necessary to provide additional spaces to allow for easy disembarking and boarding of ferries. These areas must guarantee minimum spaces in order to guarantee the queues of vehicles before boarding without interfering with local traffic, as is already the case on the already existing square and of adequate size to serve the North side of the pier.

To eliminate possible interference with city traffic, which obviously becomes more evident in the summer months, it is therefore proposed to build an expansion of the embarkation area at the root of the 1st side south pier which would lead to 1,600 m² of new space to allow safe storage and boarding of vehicles on the ferries therein.

The total cost of the works relating to the two adjustments is expected to amount to approximately €6 million ($6.82 million).

Source: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale

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