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Algeciras port starts a commercial mission to Peru

Algeciras, Spain (PortSEurope) November 19, 2019 – The Port of Algeciras will join a commercial mission to the South American continent. In this case, a large delegation of companies from the Port Community of the Andalusian port will participate in an initiative organized by the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion (Extenda) with the support of the ITI Funds.

Peru exports horticultural and reefer products to the European market such as avocados, grapes and seafood. In recent years, the Port of Algeciras has been configured as the first national port of entry for Peruvian avocado in Europe, among other reasons for the intense commercial work that has been done with the Andean country in the last three years and high connectivity maritime that from the Pacific links the Port of Callao with that of Algeciras. For three years, the APBA has maintained permanent contact with the export sector of the Latin American country. On this occasion, the Algerian delegation seeks to analyze the needs of Peru’s agro-export sector to reach European markets in an even more agile way.

In this mission, in addition to those responsible for the Port Authority of Algeciras, the Bahía de Cádiz Port Authority and the companies Agromerchants, Algetransit, Bernardino Abad, Cannon Line, ECS 360, Ership, González Gaggero, J. Ronco y Cía, Logístika 360 participate , Maritime of the Mediterranean, Marterra Transitaria, Operinter, SAM Algeciras, Tiba Spain, Transit 2000 and TTI Algeciras.

In addition to attending the Peru-Andalusia Meeting, the delegation of the Port of Algeciras will visit the Port of Callao, maintain a day of meetings with the different producer associations and will visit the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, as well as the Commercial Office from Spain in Peru.

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