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Andalusia Calls For Faster Implementation Of The Trans-European Transport Network

Andalusia calls for faster implementation of the Trans-European Transport Network

Andalusia Calls For Faster Implementation Of The Trans-European Transport Network

Brussels, Belgium (PortSEurope) June 12, 2018 – The Minister of Development and Housing, Felipe López, met today with representatives of the European Union to ask for, “complicity and involvement” when it comes to faster implementation of the Trans-European Transport Network in Andalusia because “they are of interest for Spain and Europe due to the geo-strategic position of our community on the world shipping routes, especially that of the port of Algeciras, starting point of the Atlantic and Mediterranean corridors as Europe’s contact with the sea routes of Asia, America and Africa”.

During a meeting with the representative of the cabinet of the European Commissioner for Transport, Alessandro Carano, responsible for railway matters, Felipe López communicated the “poor development” of the rail corridors in the Andalusian territory, claiming that since 2017 only 2% of the resources of the European program have been allocated to Andalusia to promote the projects, a situation for which said was the responsibility of the previous government of the Popular Party of Spain.

However, he hopes that the new government led by the socialist Pedro Sanchez “will give a greater impetus to its execution”, thus responding to the priorities set by the EU for the railway connection with Algeciras and the deployment throughout Andalusia, from Almería to Granada-Antequera and Seville, and its connection with Córdoba and Jaén.

López also supports the extension of the railway corridor to Huelva, “it will mean the inclusion in all its extension of the transverse railway axis of Andalusia, from Huelva to Almería”. The development of this railway connection, “will mean the economic advance of Andalusia and its industry thanks to the promotion of different modes of transport, but at this time the rail is still the weakest link in our chain”.

The Andalusian Government considers these railway infrastructures necessary and strategic, many of them with a high volume of activity linked to exports. In addition, this rail network is vital to turn Andalusia into the great logistics platform of southern Europe through the development of a strategic sector for investments and companies such as freight transport. These infrastructures will also be essential to meet the new European requirement marked for the horizon 2030, year in which 30% of the transport of goods must be made by train.

Source: Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía

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