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Andalusia Logistics Network Approves Measures To Help Companies

Andalusia logistics network approves measures to help companies

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News – Companies in logistics areas of regional interest may pro-rate rentals, settlements and payments to the administration – March 31, 2020 The Administrative Council of Red Logística de Andalucía SA (Andalusian Logistics Network), which reports to Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía (APPA – Public Ports Agency of Andalusia) has approved measures to help companies that operate in their logistics areas and thus mitigate the
effects of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), such as the postponement of costs to provide companies with more liquidity to restart productive activity. After the approval of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the State of Alarm for the management of the health crisis situation, the economic activity of companies is being seriously affected due to the paralysis of much of business operations. This paralysis of activity is going to generate in many companies great economic and treasury difficulties in April and May. It is for this reason that the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, through its entities Public Ports Agency of Andalusia and Red Logística de Andalucía SA, is going to launch a program of specific actions that promote activity and limit damages. caused by this situation of health crisis. Thus, the Red Logística de Andalucía SA will implement measures such as the postponement of rents to provide companies with more liquidity to restart productive activity. Thus, the incomes of the months of April and May will be prorated without interest between the months of June to December. In addition, in the contracts in force, the suspension of grace periods was approved from March 14, which will begin to compute once the Alarm State ends. As for the parking contracts, the payments for the months of April and May will also be distributed in subsequent months. In addition, there will be postponements of the settlements corresponding to the months of April and May, pro-rating these amounts without interest between the months of June to December. This postponement will be requested and must comply with the rules of public revenue management of a tax and parafiscal nature. These measures must be updated and adapted according to the duration of the Alarm State, the evolution of the activity in the different areas and the particular situations of the companies located in the logistics areas of regional interest. APPA is a public law entity attached to the Ministry of Development and Housing, responsible for the development and application of port policy and that relating to the areas of freight transport of the Government of the Andalusian Government. Source: APPA

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