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Ashdod Port Aims To Become First Green Port In Israel

Ashdod port aims to become first green port in Israel

Ashdod, Israel (PortSEurope) March 2, 2020 – Ashdod Port Company has announced a joint venture with the Israeli Ministry of Energy, which the port hopes will make it the country’s first “green port” and self-sufficient in energy. The process, which will begin this year, will include innovative energy production, using natural gas as a clean source of energy and installing solar panels, thus reducing greenhouse
gas emissions and cutting back on operational expenditure. The port will construct its own power plant to produce electricity from natural gas, and to be financed by a 10-year, NIS 9.5 million grant from the electricity authority. The port will also encourage the use of electric vehicles for operational purposes, creating charging stations and a fueling station for truck using compressed natural gas. Ashdod port aims to meet the national goal of reducing electricity consumption by 2030, if not earlier. The plan has discussed in a meeting between the chair of the Ashdod Port, Orna Hausman Bechor and representatives of the Ministry of Energy –  Deputy Director General for Energy Infrastructures and Water Resources Yechezkel Lifshitz, the Managing Director of Fuel Authority Chen Bar-Yosephof, the Natural Resources authority, and representatives of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Energy. Orna Hausman Bechor, chairman of Ashdod Port Company, said: “this is a significant step led by the company’s board of directors to change the course of things at the Ashdod port; to continue inspiring a new spirit which translates to innovative, economic and environmental steps. For me this step is a form of closure of a process which began when I served as the director or the Ministry of Energy. This extensive process of transforming the port to become environmentally friendly proves once again how willing we are to embrace innovation in all its aspects, and is an additional step in the port’s preparation for upcoming competition by being the most advanced and innovative port. Receiving the grant will assist us in realizing the project, while performing extensive energy improvements in the ports facilities, a contribution to the environment of using clean energy and reducing the port’s expenses”. Deputy Director General for Energy Infrastructures and Water Resources Yechezkel Lifshitz added: “this joint venture by the ministry of energy and the Ashdod port will assist the port in saving energy costs and will place it in the front line along with advanced companies which manage energy consumption wisely.   Realizing this initiative in a variety of fields will promote the port, as well as those receiving services from the port, in all the aspects relevant for the energy field, and will assist the Ministry of Energy in meeting the challenging goals it is working towards”. Ashdod Port is a leading economic gateway to Israel with a strategically advantageous location, about 40 km. from Tel Aviv and close to the country’s major commercial centers and highways. The port offers a full package of services including logistic services. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2019.

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