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Aveiro Port Looks To Develop Logistics Platform

Aveiro port looks to develop logistics platform

Aveiro Port Looks To Develop Logistics Platform

Aveiro, Portugal (PortSEurope) June 12, 2018 –

The Infrastructure Project for the Logistics and Industrial Activities Zone of Porto de Aveiro (ZALI – Infraestruturação da Zona de Atividades Logísticas e Industriais do Porto de Aveiro), co-financed by COMPETE 2020, has announced the creation of a port logistics platform with a total construction area of ​​73.2 hectares (ha).

This unit should start operating in 2019 and aims to increase goods handled at the port to 65,000 tons by 2022.

Private investment is estimated at €25 million($29.42 million), creating 200 jobs and contributing €25 million ($29.42 million) to national exports. There will also be environmental benefits by increasing the attractiveness of maritime and rail transport to economic agents.

In statements to COMPETE 2020, Marta Alves, coordinator of the Strategy Office, sums up the importance of ZALI in pursuing the development strategy of the Port of Aveiro and the importance of the support of COMPETE in its implementation: “ZALI is the missing infrastructure to strengthen the competitiveness of Aveiro as a logistics hub for the Atlantic transport Corridor”.

“It is an infrastructure that, due to its maritime-port value, will give greater capacity for internationalization to companies that operate there, as a result of more efficient access to international markets. The support of COMPETE 2020 is essential in making ZALI feasible, in this way, contributes to the Port of Aveiro Administration to take another important step towards making the port a logistical and industrial cluster of reference in the Atlantic Corridor”.

The total construction area of ​​the ZALI platform is 73.2 ha, of which 42.3 ha is allocated for variable-sized lots for the installation of logistic and industrial units, 15 ha for logistics activities in support of containerized cargo or for finishing activities and assembly of project loads and 15.9 ha of common areas (roads, green areas and parking).

The recent news on the integration of A Coruña into Portugal’s logistic corridors has reinforced the position of the municipalities and economic agents in central and northern Portugal by the importance of the Aveiro – Salamanca corridor. The logistic platform of the Port of Aveiro is another of the valences that allows to reinforce the importance of this corridor that is not yet integrated in the list of priorities of investment of the Government.

“Compete 2020” is a programme to strengthen the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy and its presence on the international markets. It is one of Portugal’s challenges for 2020 in order to achieve the necessary structural change, increase job creation and resume the momentum of convergence with the most advanced economies of the European Union, becoming a more prosperous, more inclusive and more cohesive country.

Source: Terranova

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