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Avilés Port Mulls New Project For Road Access To cruise terminal

Avilés port mulls new project for road access to cruise terminal

Avilés Port Mulls New Project For Road Access To cruise terminal

Avilés, Spain (PortSEurope) June 11, 2018 – Avilés port authority (Autoridad Portuaria de Avilés) has terminated the tender opened last January for the construction of a new road access to the San Agustín dock and facilitate the movement of cruise passengers to the bus and taxi terminals nearby.

The project planned the installation of a ramp that would allow the passage to the pier. Now, another alternative is analysed in which the parking lot is not included, since the road would run through the port, near the access to the docks of ArcelorMittal.

The intervention that technicians are studying, as indicated by the port authority, will be less aggressive in the area. The initially planned road started from the dock and ascended to the parking lot parallel to the area where the pedestrian access to the cultural centre is located. It had a slope of 6% and approximately a length of 35 metres.

The new project is aimed at avoiding the visual impact of the industrial zone by installing a screen that will cover the first part of the route that would run parallel to the terminal’s entry.

Source: El Comercio

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