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Ayamonte Port, Huelva, Receives Redevelopment Funding

Ayamonte port, Huelva, receives redevelopment funding

Ayamonte Port, Huelva, Receives Redevelopment FundingSource: Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva

Huelva, Spain (PortSEurope) June 16, 2018 – The Ministry of Development and Housing, through Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía (APPA – Public Ports Agency of Andalusia), has awarded a contract worth €3.65 million ($4.24 million), for the work to improve access to the port and an improvement of the integration of the port of Ayamonte in the city. The work is scheduled to take 18 months.

The managing director of APPA, Mariela Fernández-Bermejo, explained that “this project proposes the recovery and expansion of the riverfront of the city through a light platform, together with the redevelopment of the Avenida del Muelle de Portugal, generating a space that will alleviate the reduced size of its cross-section, improving the conditions of vehicle traffic”.

“This action, like the rest of the foreseen in different points of the Andalusian geography, opens the possibility of the reconversion of all this port front, occupied in part by warehouses and houses, and its opening towards the shore”, Fernandez-Bermejo added, “ensuring that the transformation of this space will lead to an expansion of tourist activity linked to maritime passenger transport, as spaces will be created to accommodate passers-by and will be a place from which to enjoy the different landscapes that converge in this point”.

Among the objectives established in the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020, the European Union has prioritized actions aimed at enhancing the natural and landscape characteristics of cities close to the sea. Under this heading, works destined to improve port-city integration are potentially eligible, contributing to the environment, regeneration of spaces and elimination of obsolete infrastructures, making possible natural spaces integrated in the urban nuclei, which, at the same time, favour economic and social development of the port area.

“With this philosophy, the Andalusian Government has planned a series of actions to improve the urban environment, revitalize cities, rehabilitate and decontaminate old industrial zones in 13 ports, with a total investment of €13.8 million ($16.04 million),” she said.

Within this group, it has announced that “the board has projected actions in the ports of Ayubonte, Isla Cristina, Mazagón, Punta Umbría and El Terrón to open them and link them to the urban environment, transforming them into landscaped spaces in the city for the enjoy the citizens, also favouring the emergence of tourist activities compatible with the area.

Ayamonte is a town and municipality located in the province of Huelva, near the Guadiana River, 40 km west of Huelva port.

Source: Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía

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