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Balearic Islands Port Authority’s Board Rejects Application For Dismissal Of President

Balearic Islands port authority’s board rejects application for dismissal of president

Balearic Islands Port Authority’s Board Rejects Application For Dismissal Of PresidentSource: Puerto de Las Palmas

Las Palmas, Spain (PortSEurope) May 16, 2019 – Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas (APP – Port Authority of Las Palmas) board of directors unanimously rejected the request for the dismissal of president Joan Gual de Torrella presented by the Maritime Club Molinar de Levante (CMML).

The board members of the institution gave their support to the head of the port authority, rejecting the application filed by the entity that manages the port of Molinar so that Joan Gual was unable to vote and pronounce himself about any administrative action that affects the sports club. 

“What has happened was expected,” the president of CMML, Rafael Vallespir, said. “This also shows how this institution is acting with respect to the club,” he added.

Despite the rejection of the application, the confrontation between the port authority and the CMML remains high. In fact, the port authority also has the support of the main civic associations of the neighborhood of Molinar that on Saturday have announced a rally against the reform project that it is executing in this small port of the Palma coast. 

The application for the dismissal of Gual was based on a series of actions that, according to the CMML, show “a persecutory spirit that moves away from any competition as president”. These actions included, for example, “the carrying out of inspections of the installations outside his usual schedule and outside any administrative procedure.” 

Source: El Mundo

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