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Barcelona Port Hosts MEDports Association Meeting

Barcelona port hosts MEDports Association meeting

Barcelona Port Hosts MEDports Association MeetingSource: Port de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain (PortSEurope) June 13, 2019 – The Executive Committee of the MEDports Association has met in Barcelona port, ​​where it was hosted by its President Mercè Conesa.

The president of the Port of Barcelona said that the Mediterranean ports will face great challenges and opportunities in the coming years due to their strategic location for the major commercial trade routes between Asia and Europe, adding that the integration of the ports in the so-called New Silk Road offers new perspectives to achieve a better balance between the ports of northern Europe and those of the Mediterranean.

Conesa also highlighted the leading role that ports have to play in reducing the environmental impact generated by maritime transport and called for greater cooperation and supported the proposal to declare a Mediterranean ECA zone  (Emissions Control Area) as a solution – together with innovation – that has to help Mediterranean ports become more efficient, sustainable and competitive.

The MEDports Association, currently chaired by the President of the Port of Marseille, Hervé Martel, is made up of the 18 main ports in the Mediterranean: Algeciras, Arzew, Barcelona, ​​Bastia, Bejaia, Beirut, Civitavecchia, Damietta, Luka Koper, Malta Freeport, Marseille Fos, Skikda, Tanger Med, Serport (Algeria), Tarragona, Toulon, Valencia and Venice; as well as for Ports of the State and the National Port Authority of Tunisia.

It is organized around different working committees, focused the future of maritime transport and the economy of the region, such as the role of the Mediterranean in global trade flows, together with the sustainability and competitiveness of its ports.

Barcelona port ​​which holds one of the vice presidencies of the MEDports Association, directs the Working Committee, Training and Maritime Knowledge.

Barcelona has been active in building relationships with Asian traders. It is currently hosting the SINO-European International Freight Forwarders Conference, the main meeting of Chinese and Asian freight forwarders in Europe.

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