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Bedford Pumps To Supply Dock Pumps To Casablanca

Bedford Pumps to supply dock pumps to Casablanca

Bedford Pumps To Supply Dock Pumps To Casablanca

News Release – Bedford Pumps to supply dock pumps to Casablanca – July 8, 2019

Bedford Pumps Ltd, a manufacturer of high capacity engineered to order pumps, has been selected to supply five pumps for a dock dewatering application at the port of Casablanca in Morocco.

This high value order is Bedford Pump’s second to the region, secured following the success of our seawater pumps installation in a fertiliser plant at the port of Jorf Lasfar.

The port of Casablanca is the most significant of all the ports in Morocco, not only noteworthy for the local shipping industry it is also known to be the biggest artificial port on the planet.  The Casablanca port handles over 21.3 million tonnes of cargo each year and also caters to the fishing industry with a marina for smaller vessels and a shipyard for repairs. 

Bedford Pumps will supply five of their high capacity submersible bowl canister pumps in cast iron materials with a duplex shaft, ni-resist back cover tungsten carbide seal, ceramic coating and sacrificial anodes.  These dock pumps will be used in two pumping stations, the larger of which is designed to dry a maintenance chamber in a seaport and the smaller to dry the residual flow and leakage.  The submersible pumps will be required to drain the dock of its 123,000 m³ volume in less than four hours.

Bedford Pumps is an expert in manufacturing robust pumping plant for the water industry.  They have experience in supplying many dock installations from dewatering to impounding to ballast sea water transfers in countries encompassing the UK to Azerbaijan.

Source: Bedford Pumps

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