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BEST Terminal Improves The Efficiency Of Container Transfer Between ADTs

BEST terminal improves the efficiency of container transfer between ADTs

Source: Barcelona Port
The BEST terminal of the port of Barcelona has registered greater efficiency in the transfer of containers between Termporal Warehouses (ADTs) since on December 1, the telematic notifications called G5 can be made, which have come into force with the Customs Code of the Union (CAU). In this way, the operator explains, goods can be transferred between ADTs in a “more agile, efficient and simplified” way – December 16, 2020
The implementation of this new way of moving merchandise between ADTs has been satisfactory and the Hutchison Ports BEST terminal at the Prat dock in the port of Barcelona has experienced a fluid process in truck doors and rail movements. The BEST terminal itself announces that it is ready to carry out the G5 notifications of container transfers and makes available to users “free advice and without obligation to clarify those aspects that are necessary through the email“. Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST) is part of the Hutchison Ports group. Source: Hutchison Ports

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