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Bordeaux Organisations Unite To Develop Port Potential

Bordeaux organisations unite to develop port potential

Bordeaux Organisations Unite To Develop Port Potential

Bordeaux, France (PortSEurope) July 4, 2019 – The Grand Port Maritime of Bordeaux, the Region of New Aquitaine, the County Council of Gironde and Bordeaux Métropole signed on May 27 a contract of partnerships and projects framing their cooperation for the period 2019-2020.

The partnership and project contract reflects the organisations’ aim to utilise the potential of the port, to increase the attractiveness of the territory, at the economic, industrial and tourist levels.

This framework of cooperation sets six broad common objectives:

  • Accelerate the economic and industrial development of the territories in connection with the economic actors.
  • Prioritise and support the realisation of the infrastructures necessary for the development of sustainable and efficient logistics and mobility.
  • Define a coherent urban development strategy on port and neighbouring land, and promote an environmental insertion of its activities.
  • Continue the development of river-sea activities: stopovers and cruises, passenger transport and goods transport.
  • Participate in the creation of a commercial dynamic and promotion of the territories and the port for a regional, national and international influence.
  • Develop port-city relations through projects allowing the population to reclaim the port and the river.

These six objectives break down into 17 actions that will be carried by working groups. Two monitoring bodies will ensure the proper execution of its actions: a steering committee to ensure the overall progress of the contract and a more operational technical committee directly related to the actions.

Beyond the concrete actions implemented, this partnership expresses the strong cohesion of the communities and the port, at the service of the development of the territory.

Source: Bordeaux Atlantic Port

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