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Camp De Morvedre Business Association And Valenciaport Foundation Sign Collaboration

Camp de Morvedre Business Association and Valenciaport Foundation sign collaboration

Source: Valenciaport
Valencia, Spain (PortSEurope) September 17, 2020 – Camp de Morvedre Business Association (ASECAM) and Fundación Valenciaport (Valenciaport Foundation) have signed a collaboration agreement for training, dissemination, information, cooperation and research in the areas of economic promotion, foreign trade, transport and logistics, with special reference to environmental sustainability, digitization and the collaborative economy as trends that drive economic and social development. The document was signed by
the president of the València Port Authority (APV) and the Valenciaport Foundation, Aurelio Martínez, and by the representative of the business entity of the region, Cristina Plumed. The agreement will be valid for two years, but can be automatically extended for successive periods. Cristina Plumed, the president of ASECAM, stated that the relationship with APV has always been very good. With the signing of this agreement, they will be able to carry out various conferences in the area of ​​environmental sustainability and in many other areas thanks to the specialists of the Valenciaport Foundation, who will be able to advise them and share their knowledge. The parties agreed to cooperate to hold conferences, courses, seminars and sessions of an informative or educational nature, as well as carry out the necessary dissemination actions of the acts carried out jointly, serving the purposes established in the agreement, through the dissemination channels that the parties have at their disposal, considering themselves as the main one, the electronic medium. The agreement will allow the contribution with the equipment and specific technical means, any other actions of mutual interest, within the availabilities, purposes of the parties and activities that constitute the object of this agreement. Source: Fundación Valenciaport (Valenciaport Foundation) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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