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Cargo Traffic At Port Of Naples Returns To Growth In March

Cargo traffic at Port of Naples returns to growth in March

Source: PortSEurope
Naples, Italy (PortSEurope) May 28, 2021 – After 12 consecutive months of decline, in March 2021 the traffic of goods handled by the ports of Naples, Salerno and Castellammare di Stabia returned to growth having totaled 3.01 million tons, with a significant increase of + 20.3% compared to March 2020, of which 1.57 million tons at landing (+ 13.9%) and 1.43 million tons at loading
(+ 28.3%). The ports are managed by Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Centro-Settentrionale (AdSP – Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority). The return to a positive trend was determined by the increase in volumes handled last month by the port of Naples, after 12 months of decline, and by the strengthening of the growth in traffic handled by the port of Salerno. In March 2021 the port of Naples handled 1.43 million tons, with an increase of + 6.1% on the same month last year. The various goods amounted to 924,000 tons (+ 9.8%), of which 554,000 tons of containerized loads (-3.0%) made with container handling equal to 56,000 TEU (-3.4%) and 369,000 tons of rolling stock (+ 36.8%). Solid bulk also increased with 115,000 tons (+ 16.7%), including 39,000 tons of metallurgical products, minerals and metals (+ 110.4%), 26,000 tons of cereals (-36.0%) and 49,000 tons of other dry bulk (+ 26.7%). Liquid bulk is instead decreased of -4,0% going down to 397,000 tons, of which 303,000 tons of refined petroleum products (-3.9%), 76,000 tons of gaseous petroleum products, liquefied or compressed and natural gas (-4.1%) and 18,000 tons of other liquid cargoes (-4.9%). In the passenger sector, the ferry segment recorded an increase of + 71.9% with 116,000 people handled and that of cruises, which was stopped in March 2020, totaled almost 4,000 passengers. More accentuated in March 2021 the growth of traffic enlivened by the port of Salerno which stood at 1.34 million tons (+ 23.1%). In the various goods sector, the total was 1.28 million tons (+ 19.2%), of which 811,000 tons of rolling stock (+ 16.6%) and 474,000 tons of containerized goods (+ 23.8%) made with a handling of containers equal to 38,000 TEU (+ 21.0%). In addition, 59,000 tons were handled in the solid bulk sector (+ 332.1%). In the passenger sector, scheduled services handled more than 6,000 people (+ 14.8%). In the first quarter of this year, the three Campania ports handled a total of 7.97 million tons of goods, with a progression of + 3.6% over the first three months of 2020. The port of Naples alone handled 3.97 million. tons (-6.0%), of which 1.58 million tons of containerized loads (-2.4%) with handling of containers equal to 158,000 TEU (-1.5%), 902,000 tons of rolling stock ( -6.3%), 300 thousand tons of solid bulk (+ 5.5%) and 1.18 million tons of liquid bulk (-12.6%). In the first quarter of 2021 the port of Salerno handled 3.66 million tons (+ 11.6%), including 2.26 million tons of rolling stock (+ 11.6%), 1.32 million tons of goods in container (+ 8.2%) totaled handling 104,000 TEU (+ 5.4%) and 79,000 tons of solid bulk (+ 122.7%). Source: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Centro-Settentrionale (AdSP – Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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