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Cartagena Port Says Waters In Its Area Are Clean

Cartagena port says waters in its area are clean

Cartagena Port Says Waters In Its Area Are Clean

Cartagena, Spain (PortSEurope) December 4, 2018 – Cartagena port has verified that the quality of the waters in its area is “very good” after the controls carried out in nine points, which reflect a variable transparency between 5 and 23 metres deep.

Autoridad Portuaria de Cartagena (APC – Port Authority of Cartagena) conducts monthly quality controls in port waters and, semiannually, also includes the control of sediments.

The measurements are part of the Environmental Monitoring Plan for Port Waters that has been carried out since 2012, which establishes the criteria for monitoring and evaluating the state of surface water and the environmental quality standards.

The controls are carried out in nine points that include the Cartagena dock, the Escombreras basin and the open water area that goes from the Curra Lighthouse to the Punta de la Terrosa. 

For the analysis, 21 water and 9 sediment samples are taken, in addition to checking in-situ parameters such as chlorophyll, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH and transparency.

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Cartagena

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