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Ceuta Port Introduces Second Fuel Supply Vessel

Ceuta port introduces second fuel supply vessel

Ceuta Port Introduces Second Fuel Supply VesselSource: PortSEurope

Ceuta, Spain (PortSEurope) January 9, 2019 – The “PetroBay” ship, owned by shipping company Boluda, has arrived at the port of Ceuta to operate as a supply vessel for fuel to the ships that are anchored in the bay.

The aforementioned vessel will be used by Vilma Oil, S.L. for this type of supply in the port, which will be carried out in collaboration with local company Dúcar.

The commercial policy of the port authority and the involvement of the Vilma-Oil company in the bunkering business doubled the capacity of the bay fuel supply services.

With this reinforcement, there are already two barges that are operating in the Ceuta port. This new vessel is smaller than the other one, Spabunker, but is more manageable at the time of certain operations with capacity for 2,300 tonnes of fuel.

Source: El Faro de Ceuta

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