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Ceuta port joins SAMOA 2 project

Ceuta, Spain (PortSEurope) March 14, 2019 – Ceuta port has joined the project for the start-up of an innovative system of prediction of oceanic meteorological risks, named System of Meteorological and Oceanographic Support to Port Authorities (SAMOA 2).

The agreement for the participation of Ceuta port in the project was published by Spain’s Official State Gazette (BOE) on March 13. 

With the contract, Ceuta port will receive software including a high resolution currents prediction system, as well as real-time alerts.

SAMOA 2 improves the systems developed in the first phase of the service and allows to predict accidental spills of hydrocarbons inside port and the anchoring areas, as well as to plan the operations of the terminals in an efficient manner, depending on the weather conditions.

Source: Faro de Ceuta

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