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China’s Yantian Port Delegation Visits Sines Port

China’s Yantian port delegation visits Sines port

China’s Yantian Port Delegation Visits Sines Port

Sines, Portugal (PortSEurope) June 17, 2019 – A delegation of China’s Yantian port has visited Sines port in Portugal, accompanied by a delegation from the Chinese embassy in Lisbon.

Besides discussing cooperation possibilities between the two ports, the delegation was interested in the logistic potential of Sines, highlighting the capacity to attract new investments, not only within the port area, but also at the Sines Industrial and Logical Zone (ZILS).

Sines has been courting both U.S. and Chinese interest in developing mutual port relations.

The Port of Yantian is the main port of Shenzhen, representing nearly 56% of the total cargo handled by the ports located in the area. Yantian is also one of the ports of call on a weekly service connecting Sines to the Far East through the Sines Container Terminal – Terminal XXI.

Terminal XXI (Terminal De Containers De Sines), the container terminal of Sines port, operated by PSA, has a direct connection to the Far East, with a service that calls at several ports in China – Ningbo, Shanghai, Yantian and Tianjin Xingang.

The Chinese government has indicated an interest in investing in a new container terminal in the port of Sines, which would be part of the ‘Rota da Seda’ project (new Silk Road).

The movement of containerized goods between Sines port and Chinese ports grew 19.7% between 2015 and 2018. Total cargo increased from 89,669 TEU (containers) in 2015, to 107,322 TEU last year.

This growth was more visible in imports, products from China, which went from 74,937 TEU to 103,795 TEU. Products shipped from Sines to Chinese ports saw a decrease from 14,372 TEU to 3,527 TEU.

As regards tonnes, between freight and cargo discharges between Sines and the Chinese ports, the increase was from one million tonnes to 1,142 million tonnes last year.

The main products arriving at Sines from China are leather and leather products; articles of rubber or plastics; household appliances; glass products, ceramic and porcelain products; iron and steel base; furniture; and products of the automobile industry.

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