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Chinese President Xi Jinping Visit Portugal And Looks To Develop Partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping visit Portugal and looks to develop partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping Visit Portugal And Looks To Develop Partnership

Lisbon, Portugal (PortSEurope) December 3, 2018 – Xi Jinping, President of the Republic of China, on a two-day visit to Portugal, intends to deepen “a forward-looking partnership” with a country that is an “important connecting point.” 

The visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China to Portugal aims to intensify cooperation between the two countries in a “forward-looking partnership”. According to the Chinese head of state, this is “a friendship that transcends time and space” and its strengthening will bring benefits not only to themselves, but also to humanity itself.

In just two days – December 4 and 5 – Xi Jinping will be received in Belém, São Bento and in the Assembly of the Republic, with a total of 19 legal agreements expected to be signed, culminating in a process of intense bilateral negotiation in areas that ranging from culture to science and agro-industry to trade”, said the Portuguese Presidency.

At the top of the list is the new Silk Road, launched in 2013, which aims to open China to the World by building an intercontinental rail network, new ports, airports, power stations and free trade zones.

In all, €900 trillion has been invested in 68 countries, reinforcing the connectivity between China, Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia and developing trade routes that are capable of boosting the world economy, betting on the development of poorer regions and , while at the same time establishing cooperation ties with the richer countries of central Europe.

In this context, Portugal has two major advantages: it is a gateway into European Union and still occupies an influential position in Africa. For this reason, Lisbon has insisted on the inclusion of an Atlantic route in the project, focusing on the port of Sines, a position that has been winning the Chinese leaders.

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