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Civitavecchia Port Faces A Dramatic Crisis

Civitavecchia port faces a dramatic crisis

Civitavecchia Port Faces A Dramatic Crisis

Civitavecchia, Italy (PortSEurope) April 15, 2019 – Civitavecchia port is facing a dramatic crisis, the vice president of dockworker firm Compagnia Portuale Civitavecchia (Civitavecchia Port Company), Patrizio Scilipoti, has said.

“It is not my habit to alarm, but it is time to tell the truth about what is happening in the port of Civitavecchia. Or more precisely, what is not happening. Our port, beyond the journalistic articles, at times triumphant, is in a deep crisis,” Scilipoti has said.

Furthermore, according to the vice president of the dock workers company, “the growth in the cruise sector, as well as the ro-ro and ro-pax traffic, must not lead us to think that the port is sailing in good waters. Quite the contrary. The indicated increases, in fact, do not represent the litmus paper to understand the state of health of our port”.

“The traffic that brings work, which acts as multipliers for the port economy and, consequently, for the territorial economy are in great pain, to use a euphemism, and what I say is easy to see. If we look towards the port, we can see, among other things, the cranes are almost always stopped”.

Moving on to analyse the traffic of containers “we must always, and unfortunately, record the will of the terminal-owner, as well as monopoly dealer, to use our port only to park the empty containers and move a few thousand dry units. And the tragicomic thing is that they would like additional years of authorisation to operate in the container terminal, although it is clear that the owner who controls it clearly intends to develop the traffic of all the ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea”.

Source: Messaggero Marittimo

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