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Conference ‘Connecting Europe’ Held In Rijeka

Conference ‘Connecting Europe’ held in Rijeka

Conference ‘Connecting Europe’ Held In RijekaSource: Luka Rijeka d.d.

At the Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. The first conference dedicated to presenting the political priorities of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union was held in Rijeka today.

The conference was attended by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Gordan Grlic Radman, Minister of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butkovic, Minister of Environment and Energy, Tomislav Coric, Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli , Minister of Culture, Nina Obuljen Korzinek and many other officials.

A week ago, Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovica, presented at the National and University Library in Zagreb the visual identity and priorities of the Croatian Presidency, while at today’s Conference the second pillar of priorities was presented, entitled ‘Connecting Europe’ .

Through the introductory speech and two panel discussions, participants presented transport, energy and digital connectivity, as well as the importance of promoting European values ​​through sport, tourism and culture.

The first panel discussion covered the transport, energy and digital priorities of the six-month presidency, with Ministers Butkovic and Coric and Secretary of State at the Central State Office for Digital Society Development, Bernard Grsic and the CEO of Transmitters and Communications, Mate Botica opening a number of topics related to traffic in the context of the digitalisation of maritime affairs and extensions of the trans-European transport network at EU level. In addition, the first panel covered the topics of the Energy Development Strategy at national as well as European level and the topic of the introduction of the 5G network.

The second panel, which was thematically dedicated to promoting European values ​​through sport, tourism and culture, was attended by Minister Cappelli and Minister Obuljen Koržinek, with the Mayor of the City of Rijeka, Vojko Obersnel and Martina Jericevic, Head of Sector at the Central State Office for Sport. The focus of the second panel was on Europe as a continent of culture and historical heritage, which is also its main tourist asset. Key projects of the City of Rijeka, which will soon take over the European Capital of the City of Culture, were also presented at the conference.

The main conclusions of the Conference held today are certainly the willingness of the local administration to actively participate in the Croatian Presidency, in order to bring all important topics closer to the citizens and enable them to be identified with them.

Recall that the priorities of the Presidency are covered through four fundamental pillars: a Europe that is growing, a Europe that connects, a Europe that protects its citizens, a Europe that is assertive and open to the neighborhood and globally. For the remaining three priorities, thematic conferences will be organized in the coming period with the aim of presenting the remaining pillars of the Croatian EU Council Presidency.

Source: Government of Croatia

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