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Italian Container Terminals: An Economic-financial Analysis – Federspedi Study Center

Italian container terminals: an economic-financial analysis – Federspedi Study Center

Source: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico
Rome, Italy (PortSEurope) November 5, 2021 – Federspedi Study Center has published its report Container terminals in Italy: an economic-financial analysis, a study of the economic-financial performance of the management companies of the main Italian terminals. It takes a snapshot of the performance of Italian terminals in 2020, a year marked by the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis. The report considers the performance of 11 port terminals*. Measured
by containers (TEU) handled, the 11 terminals totalled 8.58 million containers in 2021, compared to 84.44 million in 2020 and 8.16 million in 2019. These numbers account for 77-79% of the totals handled by all Italian ports in the same years. The overall positive number is down to three terminals’ traffic results. The Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) of Gioia Tauro, controlled by MSC via Terminal Investments, recorded 3.19 million containers, up a high 26.6% on 2019 (2.52 million). Salerno Container Terminal saw the greatest percentage rise (+47.2%), recording 386,943 containers (262,935 in 2019). Naples’ Co.Na.Te.Co. recorded 526,808 containers (519,594, +1.4%). All other terminals recorded reduced TEU volumes in 2020, compared to 2019, including: Venezia Container Terminal 255,000 (-17.8%), La Spezia Container Terminal 1.08 million (-17.1%) and Voltri Terminal Europa (Genoa) 1.38 million(-17.8%). Italian container terminals: Container traffic 2018-2020 TEUTEUTEUVarianceTerminalPort2018201920202019/2020Adriatic Container TerminalAncona159,06116,193158,667-9.9Co.Na.Te.Co.Napoli487,187519,594526,8081.4La Spezia Container TerminalLa Spezia1,350,1161,304,5221,081,071-17.2Medcenter Container TerminalGioia Tauro2,328,2182,522,8743,193,36026.6Salerno Container TerminalSalerno331,521262,935386,94347.2Terminal Container RavennaRavenna314,494311,749270,002-13.4Terminal Contenitori Porto di GenovaGenoa180,934180,918164,044-9.3Terminal Darsena Toscana Livorno502,108560,339469,498-16.2Trieste Marine TerminalTrieste625,767688,649687,921-0.1Venezia Container Terminal Venezia303,997310,054255,000-17.8Voltri Terminal Europa Genoa1,582,5891,604,3051,387,016-13.5TOTAL8,165,9928,442,3208,580,3301.6Source: Federspedi Study Center On the financial side, the 11 terminals achieved income of €663.76 million, compared to €708,85 million in 2019. The three terminals with increased TEU traffic were the same ports that increased revenue. Italian container terminals: Turnover 2018-2020 TerminalTurnover ‘000€Turnover ‘000€ Variance %TerminalPort201920202019/2020Adriatic Container TerminalAncona7.8436.737-14.10Co.Na.Te.Co.Napoli41.91241.9700.10La Spezia Container TerminalLa Spezia161.628135.224-16.30Medcenter Container TerminalGioia Tauro98.258124.97427.20Salerno Container TerminalSalerno21.46023.65310.20Terminal Container RavennaRavenna35.77231.944-10.70Terminal Contenitori Porto di GenovaGenoa19.64017.520-10.80Terminal Darsena Toscana Livorno49.95239.535-20.90Trieste Marine TerminalTrieste76.55175.786-1.00Venezia Container Terminal Venezia29.79024.501-17.80Voltri Terminal Europa Genoa166.049141.924-14.50TOTAL708.855663.768-6.40Source: Federspedi Study Center *Ancona (Adriatic Container Terminal), La Spezia (La Spezia Container Terminal), Salerno (Salerno Container Terminal), Genoa (Southern European Container Hub and Voltri Terminal Europa), Gioia Tauro (Medcenter Container Terminal), Livorno (Terminal Darsena Toscana), Naples (Co.Na.Te.Co), Ravenna (Terminal Container Ravenna), Trieste (Trieste Marine Terminal) and Venice (Venezia Container Terminal). All statistics from Federspedi Study Center. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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