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Container Traffic Working Group Presents The Advances In The App For Transporters

Container Traffic Working Group presents the advances in the App for transporters

Container Traffic Working Group Presents The Advances In The App For TransportersSource: PortSEurope

Valencia, Spain (PortSEurope) May 22, 2019 – Grupo de Trabajo Tráfico de Contenedores del Puerto de Valencia (Container Traffic Working Group of the Port of Valencia) has met to discuss the progress made in the projects launched in recent months regarding container traffic. In particular, the ValenciaportPCS App that will provide images of land traffic at the terminals’ entrances, as an initiative that studies measures to expedite the empty container’s exit from the port area.

The session was attended by representatives of collectives from the port community, such as Maritime Terminals, Consignees, Freight Forwarders, Customs Agents, Land Transporters and Container Deposits, as well as institutions such as the Maritime Customs and the Port Authority.

Regarding the Land Transport App of ValenciaportPCS, the land transporters proposed training actions aimed at drivers with the aim of publicizing the advantages of the tool. Also, it was proposed to study the possibility of incorporating in the future the VGM (Verified Gross Weight) in the import processes and some functionality to facilitate the control of electronic transport documents.

The delivery of empty containers was another issue addressed by the members of the Working Group. At this point it was agreed to continue working to give continuity to the actions undertaken and progress was reported for the implementation of an automated system that facilitates sealing in the facilities where empty containers are collected for export and for registration, through ValenciaportPCS, of the seal numbers of those containers that are inspected in the port area. Some measures were also treated to avoid congestion at the height of the Logistics Park of Valencia (PLV) of Riba-roja.

Finally, mention was made of the difficulty in reading the license plates of trucks, as well as in the identification of containers by the image recognition devices used in the doors of the terminals, and the need for their maintenance was emphasized. to avoid incidents and / or delays.

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

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