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COSCO Shipping Lines Spain Passes Audit And Receives Certification Diploma

COSCO Shipping Lines Spain passes audit and receives certification diploma

Source: COSCO Shipping Ports Ltd
News Release – COSCO Shipping Lines Spain company has received the certification diploma in the Port of Valencia Guarantee Mark after passing the corresponding audit carried out recently – February 13, 2020 Néstor Martínez, Director of Operations of Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia), has delivered the diploma of certification in the Guarantee Mark to the BPS/IT team of COSCO
Shipping Lines Spain at APV facilities. The event was attended by José Boix, Manager of IT department & Quality Section, and Pedro Pérez and Chiara Iorfida, of the BPS & Quality Section department. With the delivery of this certificate, the fulfillment of the company’s commitments for the activity of Ship Consignee in the Quality Guarantee Mark System is accredited. The Guarantee Mark is a Comprehensive Quality System, devised and led by the Port Authority of Valencia, which guarantees the provision of certain port services based on quality standards, through the fulfillment of commitments voluntarily acquired by the service providers. It is the service providers themselves that guarantee the speed, safety and reliability of their work. Among the different services offered by the Guarantee Mark to the port community are the Merchandise Inspection Guarantee in the IFCSM that guarantees clients that contract less than 45 container inspection time with companies linked to the Guarantee Mark minutes. On the other hand, the Ship’s Scale Guarantee proves that loading and unloading operations begin at the scheduled time as well as a stay of the vessel in less than three hours. The Guarantee Mark also guarantees that the supply of the ship will be carried out during the port operation without causing unnecessary delays during your stay at the port. As regards the safety of the merchandise, the award guarantees that the delivery of the merchandise of full containers will occur without incident in the same from its unloading of the ship. For its part, the Mark guarantees that the delivery of the “Bill of Lading” document will be made within a maximum period of 12 business hours from the departure of the vessel. Finally, customers who contract with companies linked to the Brand are guaranteed the flow of the container, which translates into advantages both in import/export and in transshipment of containers. PortSEurope Note: In April 2019, following its acquisition by COSCO Shipping Ports Limited in June 2017, Noatum Ports SLU was rebranded Cosco Shipping Ports (Spain) Terminals S.L.U. (CSP Spain). Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

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