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COSCO Shipping Ports – September 2020 Container Throughout

COSCO Shipping Ports – September 2020 container throughout

Hong Kong, China (PortSEurope) October 16, 2020 – COSCO Shipping Ports Limited has reported September 2020 container throughout for its terminals together with 2020 year-to-date. In September 2020, total throughout was 9.23 million TEU, compared to 9.25 million in the same month of 2019, a decrease of 1.2%. September 2020 year-to-date throughput was 75 million TEU, compared to 76.2 million TEU for the same period
of 2019, a decrease of 1.9%. COSCO Overseas terminals – September 2020 Terminal SeptemberSeptemberSeptemberSeptember‘000 TEUmonthlyy-t-dY-on-YmonthlyY-on-Yy-t-dPiraeus Container Terminal438,23.696,50,10,0CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal54,65060,045-0,055Suez Canal Container Terminal345,42.785,6-0,11,2Kumport96,9897,20,2050,212Antwerp Gateway202,71.640,5-0,2-0,1COSCO-PSA Terminal438,73.818,10,20,0Busan Port Terminal296,42.770,40,00,0SSA Terminals (Seattle)18,7169,3-0,0180Euromax Terminal Rotterdam222,41.770,9-0,10,2Reefer Terminal5,542,60,125-0,182COSCO SHIPPING Ports (Spain)318,92.459,00,20,0CSP Zeebrugge Terminal51,2433,50,213-0,121TOTAL2.489,620.989,60,10,3 The full January-September 2020 monthly container throughput figures for all COSCO terminals globally can be accessed here in a COSCO PDF file Source: COSCO Shipping Ports Limited

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