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Court Of Auditors Approved 2019 Accounts Of The Port Authority Of Gioia Tauro

Court of Auditors approved 2019 accounts of the Port Authority of Gioia Tauro

Source: Autorità Portuale di Gioia Tauro
Gioia Tauro, Italy (PortSEurope) November 10, 2020 – The Court of Auditors (La Corte dei conti) has approved the 2019 financial report of the Port Authority of Gioia Tauro. The Gioia Tauro Port Authority was established with the Presidential Decree of 18 July 1998 and, with subsequent provisions, it was attributed the management of the contiguous ports of Crotone, Corigliano Calabro, Taureana di Palmi, Reggio
Calabria and Villa San Giovanni. Looking at the most significant management data in the report, it states that, “In 2019 the main balances are positive with the exception of the capital part balance which is decreasing. The financial surplus decreases by 49 percent. The economic surplus is positive for €5 million but also down 82% to the previous year. The administration surplus is equal to €120.64 million, a 2.45% increase compared to the previous year. The restricted portion of this surplus is €91.15 million, €1.29 million is allocated to the provision for severance pay, €10.80 million to the provision for risks and charges and litigation and €79.06 millions aimed at carrying out works and works according to the provisions of the POT. Shareholders’ equity also increased, reaching €116 million with an increase of 5% and the cash balance which at the end of 2019 amounted to over €141 million, compared to €123 million in 2018.  Finally, the court points out the huge mass of active residues, for which, as expressed in the previous reports and in the opinion of the auditors, the AdSP must increase the verification activities. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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