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Croatia To Receive €23.3 Million From CEF For Five Transport Projects

Croatia to receive €23.3 million from CEF for five transport projects

Source: European Commission
During the past week, the Coordination Committee of the Connecting Europe Facility – CEF presented the results of the evaluation of the second CEF Transport Call for 2019, under which EU grants are awarded. From the mentioned call, a total of five projects with a total value of €23.3 million were approved to Croatia, of which €19.8 million will be financed through the CEF Instrument –
July 29, 2020 Grant agreements will be concluded for approved projects, bringing the total number of projects financed from the CEF Instrument in the transport sector to 46, with a total value of €554 million and €446 million of EU grants, respectively. The projects approved in the second call are : Improvement of railway infrastructure through the establishment of measuring stations for safety and technical controls. The project is worth €17.07 million, and with it HŽ infrastructure will introduce a system for automatic control of railway vehicles in traffic on sections located on the basic TEN-T network. Measuring stations with associated equipment will be established at 10 locations, and they will be connected to a single control and monitoring centre. The installed equipment will use sensors to collect data on various vehicle parameters, and this data will be automatically collected and exchanged between the station and the stop and with a single control and monitoring centre.Preparation of project documentation for the new vertical coast in the port of Vukovar Through this project worth €1.68 million, the Vukovar Port Authority plans to prepare project documentation for the construction of 300 meters of new vertical shore in the part where the shore was not built with the associated tracks and the connection to the existing railway infrastructure. The project will prevent the harmful effects of high waters in the port area and will put the currently unused area, right next to the coast, in the function of the port, which will increase the capacity and competitiveness of the port of Vukovar.Implementation of the SESAR program 2019 – IOP basic project It is a joint project of partners from 17 countries under the coordination of the SESAR Deployment Manager, worth a total of €40 million. Croatian Air Navigation Services and other COOPANS members do not participate in the allocated funds, but participate in the project due to the importance of access to data. The project consists of the first steps for the implementation of Flight Object Interoperability in a number of EU centers, which is a prerequisite for further development and introduction of a system that will ensure interoperability and timely availability of data in airspace, aircraft features and trajectories.Secure outdoor freight parking Žitnjak Through this project worth €3.17 million, Zagreb Holding plans to build a safe and secure cargo parking lot with all the accompanying facilities to ensure safety and rest, with a capacity of 63 vehicles, at the location of the branch Freight Terminals in Žitnjak in accordance with all EU safety standards. level of road safety.Preparation of FAIRway 2 works on the Rhine-Danube corridor The project will be implemented by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure with partners from Austria and Serbia. The total value of the project is €3.29 million, while the Croatian part is €1.38 million. This contract envisages the preparation of studies as a basis for future works for the purpose of removing bottlenecks on the Danube border route, as part of a broader project of rehabilitation and maintenance of the Danube waterway and its tributaries. Source: Government of Croatia

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