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Delegation Of Agence Nationale Des Ports Morocco Visits Barcelona Port

Delegation of Agence Nationale des Ports Morocco visits Barcelona port

Delegation Of Agence Nationale Des Ports Morocco Visits Barcelona PortSource: Autoritat Portuària de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain (PortSEurope) October 4, 2019 – A delegation from Morocco’s Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP) has visited the port of Barcelona, as part of a training programme specialising in port logistics and management. The program was developed in collaboration with the Spanish logistic operator Bergé.

Developed by Bergé and the Moroccan Training Institute of Morocco, the delegation has been received by the Head of Strategy of the Port of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Torrent, who explained Barcelona’s infrastructure, its services to the importing and exporting companies and the role that the port plays as a facilitator of internationalization and growth.

Torrent commented on the maritime connections between Barcelona and Moroccan ports, highlighting the regular lines of short sea shipping, and the role that the Catalan installation plays as a leading Mediterranean distribution hub. He has also presented the challenges that the Port of Barcelona has been marked by the coming years: technological transformation and innovation; and sustainability economic, social and environmental.

This visit is part of the training program designed by ANP and Bergé that, in addition to the course, includes professional conferences and technical visits to the ports and facilities where the company operates: in Madrid and the ports of Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Bilbao and Santander, in which Bergé has terminals, specialized in vehicles, agri-food and industrial bulk, steel products and cargo project.

ANP is the management authority and regulator of the Moroccan port system.

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