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Deputy Minister Of Infrastructure And Mobility Alessandro Morelli Visits Port Of Gioia Tauro

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Mobility Alessandro Morelli visits port of Gioia Tauro

Source: Autorità Portuale di Gioia Tauro
Gioia Tauro, Italy (PortSEurope) April 19, 2021 – Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Mobility Alessandro Morelli, has visited the port of Gioia Tauro and supported the need to develop railway connections so that the port can become a leading trade hum between Europe, Africa and Asia. The deputy minister said that Italy’s Recovery Fund is considering Gioia Tauro as a site for investment. President of
the Calabria Region Nino Spirlì met with the deputy minister for an operational meeting on infrastructural interventions for the port, in the presence of the extraordinary commissioner of the Port Authority of Gioia Tauro, Andrea Agostinelli, the regional councilor for infrastructures Domenica Catalfamo, and the terminal operators. “This”, said Spirlì, “is the first port that ships encounter when they enter Europe from the Suez Canal. It is the port of Europe and Europe cannot fail to give the last help, the most important one, to complete an infrastructure that provides large numbers to our continent. High speed is also necessarily linked to the port, as well as the road network which, while not directly entering the Pnrr (Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza), will be included. All this will be developed thanks to the great attention that there is on the Port of Gioia Tauro, on which we must focus a lot, together with the bridge over the Strait”. “Today we are in a situation in which the parliamentary committees will have to evaluate the project. Clearly, it is a parliamentary issue that I observe. It is certain that from various voices it seemed to me that the Calabria Region expressed some perplexities, it is clear that at this point the territory and the Parliament will have to find a balance”. Thus the Deputy Minister Alessandro Morelli, responding to the opposition of the Calabria Region regarding the RFI project of the high speed from Salerno to Reggio Calabria. “I hope that the parliamentary issue will be closed as soon as possible. The government will do its job, not just as an observer, but by joining the game and trying to find a reasonable balance between local and national interests”, he said.

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