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Develop Multimodal Transportation And Creation Of Digital Transport Corridors – Ukrainian Minister

Develop multimodal transportation and creation of digital transport corridors – Ukrainian minister

Source: Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority
Multimodal transportation and creation of digital transport corridors will allow Ukraine to realize its transit potential – Vladislav Krykliy – November 20, 2019 Multimodal transport and the creation of digital transport corridors will allow Ukraine to realize its transit potential. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure, Vladislav Krykliy, following the results of the Government session held today, November 20, 2019. The Government approved the bill
“On multimodal transportations”. The draft law implements the provisions of the Council Directive of 07 December 1992 establishing common rules for certain types of combined carriage of goods between Member States. Vladislav Krykliy stressed that Ukraine should realize its transit potential and become a transport hub that unites Europe with Asia, using all the opportunities offered by modern digital technologies and multimodal transport.   The Draft Law on Multimodal Transport aims at the country’s accession to the Agreement on the Development of Multimodal Transport TRACECA, an international transport program with the participation of the European Union and 14 Member States of the East European, Caucasus and Central Asian regions. The bill establishes the right of participants of multimodal transportations to carry out cargo transportation on the basis of conclusion of a single agreement on all stages of transportation, regardless of the change of modes of transport and to carry out cargo transportation according to one transport document to which the parties have agreed. It is assumed that in the provision of multimodal freight services, the responsibility of the multimodal transport operator for the cargo to the customer covers the period from the moment of acceptance of the cargo to the moment of delivery. This makes it possible to reduce the use of road transport and to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport, thus creating the preconditions for promoting and preserving human health. Source: Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

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