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DHL Global Forwarding Sets Up Logistics Hub In Tanger Med

DHL Global Forwarding sets up Logistics Hub in Tanger Med

DHL Global Forwarding Sets Up Logistics Hub In Tanger MedSource: Tanger Med Port Authority

Tanger Med, Morocco (PortSEurope) April 16, 2019 – DHL Global Forwarding, an international provider of air, sea and road freight services, is to set up a new Africa-Europe Logistics Hub in the Tanger Med Logistical Zone.

The hub, at 6,000 m² will become DHL’s largest facility in Morocco, and will serves as a gateway to international markets, especially for Europe, North and West Africa. It is scheduled to begin operations by May 2019

The new facility will enable DHL Global Forwarding to provide end-to-end solutions such as customs clearance facilitation and supply chain management, in addition to standard freight services.

“The strategic location of Tanger Med presents a huge opportunity for us. Its ability to support multi-modal connectivity, especially its maritime, as well as road connections to Casablanca and the South, will allow us to expand and enhance our customer service offering,” said Christelle Fadel, General Manager, DHL Global Forwarding, Morocco. 

“The Tanger Med Logistical Zone is a perfect choice for large multinationals and logistical operators seeking to optimize their logistics operations and redistribute their flow of goods to Africa, Europe and America,” said Rachid Houari, General Manager, Medhub, Tanger Med’s Logistical Zone

Tanger Med is a global logistics gateway located on the Strait of Gibraltar with handling capacities of 9 million containers, export of 1 million new vehicles, transit of 7 million passengers and 700,000 trucks on an annual basis.

DHL is part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

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