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Edison Launches The First Integrated Small Scale LNG Logistics Chain In Italy That Will Make Heavy And Maritime Transport Sustainable

Edison launches the first integrated small scale LNG logistics chain in Italy that will make heavy and maritime transport sustainable

Edison Launches The First Integrated Small Scale LNG Logistics Chain In Italy That Will Make Heavy And Maritime Transport Sustainable

Milan, Italy, November 30, 2018

Edison launches in Italy the first integrated logistics chain of small scale LNG (liquefied natural gas plants on a small scale) with a sustainable mobility development plan in the land transport and maritime transport sector, contributing to the achievement of objectives set at European level for CO2 reduction and the abatement of other emissions and dust. Edison announces the establishment together with PIR (Petrolifera Italiana Rumena) of Italian Deposits GNL, the newco (51% PIR, 49% Edison) that will make the deposit at the port of Ravenna with an investment of 100 million euro.

The deposit, which will come into operation in 2021, will have a storage capacity of 20,000 cubic meters of LNG and an annual movement of over 1 million cubic meters of liquid gas, making LNG available in Italy for the supply of at least 12,000 lorries. and up to 48 ferries a year.

Edison will take care of the construction of the deposit and will use 85% of the capacity (the remaining 15% will be sold to third parties by Italian GNL Deposits).

“We are proud to announce these agreements that consolidate our role as LNG’s first importer in Italy – says Marc Benayoun , Edison’s CEO. ” We not only guarantee the country a new source of LNG supply by creating a new infrastructure, but contribute to the construction of a sustainable energy future allowing the achievement of the objectives of COP21, the European directive DAFI and SEN thanks to the reduction of emissions produced from heavy maritime and land transport that this new fuel makes possible. “

“PIR is enthusiastic about the prospects for the development of LNG and the deposit project,” said Guido Ottolenghi , Managing Director of PIR. “This is a great opportunity for the country and for the port of Ravenna and a new and stimulating technological and operational frontier for fuel logistics. We are confident that the initiative will bring development to our territory and to Italy “.

PIR, historical operator of logistics and storage of the Port of Ravenna, as owner of the area of ​​Porto Corsini and concessionaire of the quay, will guarantee the surface rights for the use of the area, and will offer the services related to the use of quay and at the reception of the tankers.

At the same time, Edison signed a charter party agreement with Norwegian shipowner Knutsen OAS Shipping for the construction and use of a ship that will transport LNG to coastal warehouses. With 30,000 cubic meters of capacity, this is one of the few ships in the world with such characteristics and will be able to charge LNG in all European terminals.

 “Our small scale LNG development plan – states Pierre Vergerio , Edison’s Executive Vice President Gas Midstream Energy Management – provides for the construction of a system of coastal deposits, of which the Ravenna plant is only the first. I l Our goal is to reach 25% of the Italian market in 2030 then Ravenna is only the first step. The advantages in terms of LNG emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels both in land transport and in maritime transport are evident, as is the environmental advantage for remote areas. We estimate that the project will allow 6 million tonnes of CO2 to be avoided throughout its life cycle. “

The Italian LNG market as an alternative fuel to traditional fossil fuels is characterized by strong growth potential and by growth trends that will be accelerated thanks to the construction of new infrastructures. In Europe, 280,000 LNG trucks are expected to circulate in 2030, and 244 LNG-powered ships are currently operating or under construction.

Edison has a unique position in Italy with respect to the LNG value chain. Today it is the only long-term LNG importer in Italy and can therefore guarantee the continued and lasting availability of LNG in the territory thanks to a diversified portfolio and the opening of a new supply channel from the United States. Last year Edison signed an agreement with Venture Global to purchase about 1.4 billion cubic meters of LNG from the Calcasieu Pass plant in Louisiana.

Edison is part of Electricitè de France (EDF).

Source: Edison

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