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EU To Help Ukraine Develop A National Transport Master Plan

EU to help Ukraine develop a National Transport Master Plan

Source: European Commission
On November 8-10, the Ministry of Infrastructure hosted a 3-day meeting on the development of the National Transport Master Plan – November 11, 2021 The meeting is part of the process of developing the National Transport Master Plan of Ukraine (NTMPU), which is carried out together with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and funded by the European Union under the technical assistance project “Support
to Ukrainian authorities in developing national transport model and master plan” (draft funded by the European Union). In 2018, the Government of Ukraine adopted the National Transport Strategy for the period up to 2030 (NTS 2030), as well as the Action Plan for 2019-2022 for the implementation of the National Transport Strategy for the period up to 2030 (Action Plan 2022). The National Transport Master Plan is developed taking into account both the NTS 2030 and the Action Plan 2022 for its implementation and will cover the period from 2023 to 2030. Until now, the process of developing NTMPU consisted of the creation of seven working groups, which covered the following areas: 1. Infrastructure 2. Freight transportation 3. Passenger traffic 4. Safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient transport 5. Integrated transport systems, innovation and digitalization 6. Financing, 7. Institutional issues Each of the working groups included representatives of CEBs, relevant interested organizations and institutions, academia and business. Each of the seven working groups held two meetings. During the first meeting, the working groups identified problems and issues related to the topics of each group and identified priorities on these issues. During the second meeting of the working groups, the main task was to identify potential solutions to these problems and identify measures. The purpose of this meeting is to use the list of measures and decisions that have been established and: 1. Identify policy priorities in the field of transport and logistics until 2030 2. Choose measures, taking into account: a. what priorities are most relevant b. financial and technical capabilities. 3. To form the final list of actions which will be analyzed by means of the National transport model. In order to comply with the above, one meeting was held over three days. The meeting was not held in a conference format, but provided for an open high-level discussion with relevant stakeholders to identify policy priorities, reach a compromise and identify activities to be included in Ukraine’s National Transport Master Plan. Source: Government of Ukraine

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