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Ferrol Port Starts Approves Renovate Of Old Naval Command

Ferrol port starts approves renovate of old Naval Command

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Ferrol – San Cibrao
Ferrol, Spain (PortSEurope_ October 3, 2020 – The board of directors of Autoridad Portuaria de Ferrol-San Cibrao (APF – Port Authority of Ferrol) gave green light to the award of the works for the rehabilitation of the old Naval Command. This action, with an investment of €1.3 million, is part of the project chaired by Jose Manuel Vilariño to value the city’s maritime façade, along with
two others that are in process, the recovery of the old Customs building and the removal of the Casa del Mar. Once the work carried out by a Unión Temporal de Empresas (UTE) is completed, the emblematic building built in 1931 will be integrated with the current headquarters of the Port Authority, giving rise to a single building with two blocks that will be connected by their ground floors and joined by their semi-basements. This architectural solution will make it possible to alleviate the space problems that to date have prevented an optimal response to the needs of personnel and uses that have arisen over the years. The Naval Command rehabilitation project, with an execution period of 21 months, includes the emptying of its interior to execute a new structure, the improvement of the accessibility, the change of carpentry, the beautification of the façade, the excavation in the basement to clean up floors and eliminate humidity, the replacement of the fiber cement roof with a zinc finish and the elimination of improper volumes attached to the property, such as the from the back and the one above the lantern. The works, which will be carried out by the SAA- Construcciones Sierra joint venture, was signed will be completed within five months. The investment in this action, which will be key to continue gaining traffic for animal or human consumption from countries outside the European Union, reaches €540,000. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Ferrol-San Cibrao (APF – Port Authority of Ferrol) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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