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Free Trade Zone And Director Of Groupe PSA Plant In Vigo Meet To Discuss Progress

Free Trade Zone and Director of Groupe PSA plant in Vigo meet to discuss progress

Free Trade Zone And Director Of Groupe PSA Plant In Vigo Meet To Discuss Progress

Vigo, Spain (PortSEurope) February 12, 2019 – With the aim of contributing to consolidate the activity and employment of the French automotive Groupe PSA plant in Vigo, David Regades, Delegate of the Free Trade Zone Vigo (Zona Franca Vigo) had a meeting with the new Director of the PSA Centre in Vigo, Ignacio Bueno, in which they discussed topics such as the updating of infrastructures, the extension of the area of ​​the Balaídos Polygon, the improvements in the electricity supply and the search for parking solutions for both the workforce and the transporters. 

A working group, composed of technicians from both entities, will aim of finding the best methods to contribute to the competitiveness of the automobile plant, the tractor unit of the Automotive Sector in the area of Vigo, which employs more than 20,000 people.

David Regades informed Ignacio Bueno about the efforts being made by the Council of Vigo to authorize the necessary investment to undertake the bringing of the high voltage network to Vigo. Likewise, it committed itself to the Director of Groupe PSA in which Zona Franca Vigo will finance, at the time, the construction of the new substation necessary for the distribution of power to the plant, following the model that was already carried out with the substation made for the company GKN.

Free Zone has proposed to Groupe PSA different locations to solve the problem of parking, both private vehicles and trucks that daily enter and leave the plant. These sites will be studied by different technical departments to choose the most appropriate solution.

The PSA Vigo plant (Centro de Vigo de PSA Peugeot Citroën) is a Spanish car manufacturing and assembly plant owned by the French company Groupe PSA. The “Vigo Center” is one of the main production plants of Groupe PSA with over 5,000 employees.

Last week, the Vigo Center was awarded, in its first edition, the “Economy Award”, granted by the Galician Council of Economists for its “special contribution to the economy” of Galicia.

Source: Zona Franca Vigo

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