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Fundación Valenciaport Participates In LASTING Project With Aim Of Increasing Participation Of Maritime Transport Sector In European R&D&I Activities

Fundación Valenciaport participates in LASTING project with aim of increasing participation of maritime transport sector in European R&D&I activities

Source: Valenciaport
The LASTING project is a coordination support action, led by both INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) and the European Commission, with a budget of €1.2 million and a consortium of six partners from four European countries – January 22, 2021 Valencia – 21.01.21. The kick-off meeting of the LASTING project (Let’s go for Waterborne transport research – Broadening engagement and increasing impact), an initiative co-financed by the
Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (EC) in which Fundación Valenciaport participates and whose general objectives are to broaden the involvement of the maritime and inland waterway transport sector in European research and development activities, was held yesterday afternoon, through the development of a strategy and a long-term communication campaign to help estimate the impact of the sector’s R&D&I as well as to amplify the results in this area in the main international events. This is a Coordination Support Action led by both INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) and the EC, with a budget of €1.2 million and a consortium of 6 partners from 4 European countries. The starting point will be to identify existing R&D&I gaps in the sector, with particular emphasis on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, consolidate the information gathered, review past actions in European projects on research in the sector and draw up a package of measures to be included in the communication strategy as part of the project activities. The subsequent communication campaign will be monitored through key performance indicators established at the LASTING baseline and developed jointly by the project partners, the European Commission Services and representatives of the maritime and inland waterway transport sector at large. The essential element pivoting on the communication strategy to be generated during the project will employ a “plug-and-play” system for participation in strategic events at international, European, national and regional levels of maritime and/or river transport. In addition, high quality materials such as flyers and banners will be designed and the use of digital tools for dissemination purposes will be prioritised. Finally, the Waterborne platform will take over the communication strategy and campaigns after the end of the project, thus ensuring the durability and continuity of the project. Among the specific objectives of the project is the need to make visible the financing tools that the European Union makes available to small and medium-sized enterprises to help them in their research projects and to strengthen, promote and encourage innovative ideas in the sector that find support in European territory. In this way, directly applicable solutions can be promoted and financed on European territory, leading to greater economic growth, increased competitiveness and the creation of specialised jobs. In addition, the communication strategy will highlight the milestones achieved in innovation and research, thus enabling up to 25% more research partners in the maritime and inland waterway transport sector. With this project, Fundación Valenciaport will contribute its experience and knowledge on past, present and future innovation initiatives concerning the maritime port sector and which are of value for stakeholders related to the maritime and inland waterway transport sector. LASTING involves six partners from 4 European countries: Sea Europe and Burson Cohn & Wolfe (Belgium); Pro Danube Management GMBH (Austria); Fundación Valenciaport (Spain); and Stichting Projecten Binnenvaart and Foundation Wegemt (The Netherlands). Source: Fundación Valenciaport (Valenciaport Foundation)

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