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Gaeta Port Sees Further Development

Gaeta port sees further development

Source: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Centro-Settentrionale
La Spezia, Italy (PortSEurope) November 26, 2020 – Gaeta port is continuing developments as part of a relaunch as an international harbour. An area of ​​over 70,000 m² thousand square meters near the quays is an area for the purpose of increasing new traffic, in turn, to develop more “Motorways of the Sea” services. At an inauguration, President of Autorita’di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure
Orientale (AdSP – Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority), Francesco Maria di Majo, flanked by the managers and executives of the technical area and the Gaeta branch of the Lazio port network, shared such an important moment for the future management of the commercial port with the top management of the companies that the squares of the city hub, or the stable consortium Grandi Lavori of Rome, were built and redeveloped. Also present were the managers of the company Modimar which supervised the works. The area, close to delivery to the port authority, will be equipped with six light towers with LED lighting – a similar plant was recently inaugurated in via Lungomare Caboto near the Peschiera – and an innovative video surveillance system. “The aprons will be made available to the various port operators interested in moving their goods in a finally safe, modern and functional way”, underlined di Majo. “This is a small but important ‘backport’ that Gaeta needed. At the moment we are convinced that, thanks to the efforts made by the institution, the new yards will make the commercial port of Gaeta even more competitive in the Mediterranean and international scenario “. The construction of the area was financed by the CIPE, whose €33 million granted made it possible to dredge the stretch of water in front of the quays. This mosaic, currently being completed, will be enriched in the coming weeks by a new access and exit road system which “will combine”, added di Majo”, respect for the environment on the one hand, safety for port operators and for motorists passing through the nearby Flacca regional road on the other. Work is underway for the construction of a roundabout for which our technical structure and the Gaeta branch have carried out a truly unique action, from an administrative and bureaucratic point of view, to obtain an infinite number of opinions and thus put order. to a series of underground services “.      In this regard, the President of Majo, on 30 August 2018, signed a memorandum of understanding with the counterpart of the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic, Ugo Patroni Griffi to make the corridor that connects the ports of Bari, Manfredonia and Termoli on one side to those of Civitavecchia and Gaeta on the other. “Our goal is to make Italy connect transversally with the Iberian peninsula and the Greek-Balkan peninsula, through inbound logistics flows (prior to the production process, regarding the procurement and storage of materials) and outbound (after production regarding activities storage and distribution of finished products) and transfer to the sea most of the goods that are still transported today through road links “,  Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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