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Global Ports Holding Seeks Duty Free And Travel Retail Partner In Four Of Its Cruise Port Terminals

Global Ports Holding seeks duty free and travel retail partner in four of its cruise port terminals

Global Ports Holding Seeks Duty Free And Travel Retail Partner In Four Of Its Cruise Port Terminals

Istanbul, Turkey (PortSEurope) July 18, 2019 – Following the announcement of a strategic group review on July 5 this year, Istanbul-based Global Ports Holding has said that it is looking for a duty free and travel retail partner at four of its ports – Malaga (Spain), Zadar (Croatia), Cagliari and Catania (both Italy).

The company has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for management of the duty free and retail areas in the four facilities of Malaga Cruise Terminals A & B, Zadar Cruise Terminal, Cagliari Cruise Terminal and Catania Cruise Terminal, on an exclusive basis. The term of the lease is seven years, including a transition and construction period. The winning bidder will be responsible for the build and creation of the new store and concession spaces.

GPH describes the facilities as:

Cagliari Cruise Port, situated at the Sardinia Island, with the Iberian coast to the west, the Italian coast to the east, and North African coast to the South. It has the advantage of being included on a range of regional cruise itineraries and offers unforgettable experiences to cruise passengers.

PortSEurope Note: The concession contract expires on 31 December 2027. GPH obtained the majority of indirect shares in Cagliari Cruise Ports in 2016, along with other Italian ports located in Catania and Ravenna.

Catania Cruise Port located along Sicily Island’s northeast coast, is at the crossroads of major cruise itineraries that pass through the Mediterranean. Catania Cruise Terminal offers transit, inter-porting and home-porting operations. The concession contract that will expire on 7 June 2026.

PortSEurope Note: GPH acquired the majority of shares in Catania Cruise Terminal Srl in 2016 along with other Italian ports located in Ravenna and Cagliari.

Málaga Cruise Port was established in 2008 and it includes all three cruise terminals of the Port of Málaga. Málaga is located in a strategic area in Southern Europe, connecting with routes to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, which in turn make it a gateway to Andalusia.

PortSEurope Note: Established in 2008 as part of Creuers del Port de Barcelona, Malaga Cruise Port manages all three cruise terminals of the Port of Malaga. As part of Global Ports Holding’s acquisition of Creuers del Port de Barcelona in 2014, Malaga Cruise Port became subsidiary of Global Ports Holding.

Zadar Cruise Port is at the historical centre of Dalmatia. With a modern highway network and proximity to the airport, Zadar Cruise Port is an ideal Adriatic port for both transit and turnaround operations.

Global Ports Holding’s strategic review of the group’s activities is being carried out by Goldman Sachs International, and GPH has said that the review is exploring ways to maximise value for all stakeholders, and may include asset disposals, strategic investments and partnerships.

The company has also confirmed that it has received a number of preliminary offers for certain assets which it is evaluating.

Global Ports Holding Plc is the world’s largest cruise port operator with an established presence in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific regions, including extensive commercial port operations in Turkey and Montenegro.

Around the Mediterranean Sea, GPH has operations in Lisbon (Portugal), Cagliari, Catania, Ravenna, Venice (all Italy), Malaga, Barcelona (both Spain), Valletta (Malta), Adria (Montenegro), Zadar (Croatia), Ege, Bodrum and Akdeniz (all Turkey).

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