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Greece’s Port Planning And Development Committee Completes Review

Greece’s Port Planning and Development Committee completes review

Under the chairmanship of the General Secretary of Ports Evangelos Kyriazopoulos, the 87th / 02-06-2021 Meeting of the Port Planning and Development Committee (ESAL) was completed – June 2, 2021 During which the following issues were discussed: SITIA : Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Sitia Port and Additional Information.ZAKYNTHOS : General Program Plan (Master Plan) and Environmental Impact Study (EIA) of the Port of Zakynthos.LIPSI : Environmental Impact
Assessment (EIA): Expansion of Lipsi Port – Construction of Dock for O / G boats at Kavi Port of Lipsi.HERAKLION, NAXOS : Environmental Impact Study “Preparation of studies for the legalization of existing port projects and the restoration of damage to the port of Heraklion” N. Naxos.CORAL SA : Environmental Impact Study concerns the amendment of no. prot. 3786 / 05.06.2015 Decision of Approval of Environmental Terms (AEPO), as amended and in force, of the activity entitled: “Trade of petroleum & chemical products of the company Coral SA”, which is established in the off-plan area of ​​Kalochori, in the Municipalities of Delta & Ampelochori – Menemeni of P.E. Thessaloniki.KAMARIOTISSA, SAMOTHRAKI : Port Development Framework Study of the Port (PEAL), Port of Kamariotissa Samothrace and Environmental Impact Study (EIA)SKOPELOS : Framework for Port Development Projects (PEAL) of Skopelos and Preliminary Planning of Environmental Requirements. Amendment of the User Name in the Minutes 84 / 23-07-2020 of the Meeting of Ε.Σ.Α.Λ.PIGADIA, KARPATHOS : Preliminary Determination of Environmental Requirements (PPPA 2nd Revision) of the project: “Technical Studies for the Expansion of the Port of Pigadia, Karpathos”.OTHONOI : Modification of the Environmental Impact Study “Port at Avlakia D.E. Othonon D. Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands “.LANGUAGE, SKOPELOS : Environmental Impact Study of the project “Location of projects and uses of the Port of Loutraki Language of the Municipality of Skopelos”. All issues were approved and approved by the Commission under certain terms and conditions, except the issue of Karpathos which will be reviewed at the next Commission Meeting. Source: Government of Greece

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