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Greek Government Approves Port Privatisation Plan Update

Greek government approves port privatisation plan update

Source: Port Authority of Alexandroupolis
Piraeus, Greece (PortSEurope) September 9, 2020 – The Government Council for Economic Policy (KYSOIP) authorized the approved by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) Board of Directors updated Asset Development Plan (ADP). HRADF is responsible for privatising Greek state-owned assets. Status Development method A. (Sub) concession of the right of exploitation of port activities/ services and/ orΒ. Sale of shares Advisors: (Sub) concession of
port activities: Financial Advisors: E&Y ; Legal Advisors: KLC Law Firm; Technical Advisors: Doxiadis Associates; Commercial Consultants: Rotterdam Port Consultants Sale of majority holding: Financial Advisors: Deloitte Business Solutions S.A.; Legal Advisors: Your Legal Partners Dracopoulos and Vassalakis Alexios KosmopoulosTechnical Advisors: Doxiadis Associates; Commercial Consultants : Rotterdam Port Consultants Current status Preparation for the sale of a majority holding in the Ports and/or sub-concession of activityArticle 85 of Law no. 4706/2020 lays down the Right to Management and exploitation of real estate of the OSE within the Port Zone Article 15 of Law 4664/2020 increases the maximum allowed duration of concession contracts already concluded between the Greek State and the Ten Port Authorities, from 50 to 60 yearsBy decision of the Board of Directors on 17/07/2020 the tenders for the sale of a majority stake (67%) to the Ports Authority of Alexandroupoli and Igoumenitsa started and for Kavala Port Authority the sub- concession of a multi-purpose station in the port of “Philippos B” is planned. Next Steps Commencement of the procedure for the expropriation of 200 acres within the Land Area of the Port Authority of Alexandroupoli The date of submission of expression of interest for the 3 tenders is 02/10/2020. The possibility of utilizing some of the small ports and / or marinas of the Corfu Port Authority is being considered. Source: Government of Greece Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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