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Honda Italia favours Trieste port and railway

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Trieste, Italy (PortSEurope) January 11, 2023 – Honda Italia delivers its auto components from the Far East to Trieste port and onwards by rail to Interporto di Manoppello, Pescara. The cargo is destined for the Honda Italia in the Atessa plant, Val di Sangro.

The auto components are delivered to Molo VII dock, operated by Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT). Partnered with Adriafer and the Abruzzo railway company Sangritana, each rail journey carries 40 containers and lasts 12 hours. This is faster than by road, and pollution is reduced by the equivalent of 70 trucks on the road. The service is named “saetta adriatica”.

The service started last October and has since been doubled in frequency to twice weekly.

A key partner in the success of the service is Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Orientale (AdSP – Eastern Adriatic Sea Port Authority) which manages the port. The AdSP would like to replicate the success for other customers.

Trieste port reaches five regions by rail (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Lombardy, Marche and Abruzzo) with 15 services a week. “Thanks to trains, our port creates relationships and shortens distances not only towards Europe, but also towards Italy. With this connection, in fact, the port extends its area of ​​influence along the Adriatic ridge, proving to be able to handle the handling of containers up to Abruzzo”, said the AdSP president, Zeno D’Agostino.

“But above all, together with Honda, Sangritana and the other partners, with this new project we have demonstrated how the railway can and must increasingly be the solution for sustainable logistics also in Italy”, he added.

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