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Huelva Port Authority Puts Out To Tender The Works Of The Tharsis Wharf Rehabilitation Project

Huelva Port Authority puts out to tender the works of the Tharsis Wharf rehabilitation project

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva
The Huelva Port Authority has put out to tender the execution of the works in the “Rehabilitation project to guarantee the stability and structural safety of the Pier of cargo from the Spanish company of Minas de Tharsis” June 7, 2021 The president of the Huelva Port Authority, Pilar Miranda, has stated that the loading dock of the Compañía Española de Minas de Tharsis constitutes
a hallmark of Huelva, due to its relevance in the history of the port and the province, linked to the mining activity. In this sense, Pilar Miranda has emphasized the commitment of the Port of Huelva to recover the history and the signs of identity with the aim of continuing to advance in the port-city integration strategy and make citizens feel that they are participating in the projects from the Port of Huelva.   The dock is made up of a long viaduct of more than 713 meters in length, with four different alignments, which ends at the boarding platform protected with an external wooden defense independent of the general framework.  Due to the fact that the general state of deterioration of the structure of the dock is very advanced, the rehabilitation works have been projected, which include the actions necessary to guarantee the stability and structural safety of the Loading Dock, whose budget amounts to almost 5, 8 million euros.  The main action will focus on the structural fitting out of the metal structure, requiring the removal and subsequent replacement of the deteriorated elements and the reinforcement of some localized areas, recovering the lower bracing. In addition, the entire structure must receive a surface treatment against corrosion, after surface cleaning and removal of deteriorated remains. For the execution of these activities, it will be necessary to create an auxiliary structure that provides access to the dock along its entire length.  The works contemplate the underpinning of the foundation by means of micropile slabs-pile capped in two localized areas, the section that runs over the San Andrés estuary, and the area where the bridge office is located.  Likewise, the rehabilitation of the bridge office will be undertaken, by repairing all the structural elements and the replacement of its envelope, as well as the rehabilitation of the existing wooden defenses. The works are subsidized by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, through the 1.5% Cultural for actions on assets of special architectural, historical and artistic interest, with an amount of 1.5 million euros. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva (APH – Port Authority of Huelva)

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