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Indian delegation visits Taranto port for event

Taranto, Italy (PortSEurope) November 7, 2018 – The international conference Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, dialogue between seas, was presented at a press conference: India meets Taranto as a centrality of the Mediterranean – business, logistics, tourism, culture and interchange opportunities” takes place November 9, 2018, 

The event has been organized by the Mari di Taranto Consortium, and president, Cavalier Antonio Melpignano, said that The Mari di Taranto Consortium is an integral part of the nascent coastal tourist district of Magna Graecia (the coastal areas of southern Italy), inspired by that experience that, thousands of years ago, saw Taranto play a central role in that historic expansion that, in the Mediterranean and beyond, led civic and juridical civilization, peace and prosperity. 

The proceedings of the conference, moderated by Nicla Pastore, will be introduced by Antonio Melpignano, president of the Mari di Taranto Consortium, together with Rinaldo Melucci, mayor of Taranto, Michele Emiliano, president of Puglia Region, Admiral of Salvatore Division Vitiello, commander of the Maritime South Military Command, and of the lawyer Sergio Prete, president of the Port Authority of Taranto.

The conference will then have speeches by Terenzio Lo Martire, technical coordinator Consorzio Mari di Taranto, Salvatore Guerriero, president of PMI International, Gianni Azzaro, councilor and national councilor ANCI, Gloria Gangte, vice ambassador of the Republic of India in Italy and Shyam Chand, director of the Indian Embassy Business Section in Rome.

The conference is part of a three-day visit to Taranto of an official delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of India in Rome; which will be engaged in the territory in a series of institutional meetings and, moreover, in a B2G (business to government) activity to meet the companies of the Consortium Mari di Taranto.

Antonio Melpignano said that the Mari di Taranto Consortium wanted to organize this conference to attract investments of Indian entrepreneurs who are looking the Mediterranean area.

The visit to Taranto of the important delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of India takes place at a time when relations between the Ionian territory and the Asian country are being significantly strengthened, in particular thanks to the launch of the activities of the Indian corporate Ancelor Mittal in the Taranto ironworks complex. 

Italy and India have already consolidated trade relations with an interchange that, already in 2016, stood at around €7.5 billion. The sectors of reference for Italian exports are instrumental mechanics, chemistry, metallurgy, means of transport, while in India our country mainly imports textiles, metals and chemicals.

Source: Corriere di Taranto

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