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International Experts Recognize Valenciaport As A Benchmark In Data Management

International experts recognize Valenciaport as a benchmark in data management

Source: PortSEurope
Francesco de Candia (Grimaldi): “The ports of València and Sagunto represent 60% of Grimaldi’s business in Spain” – October 22, 2020 Nuria Lacaci (Aeutransmer): “Valenciaport is a benchmark in new technologies, connectivity and transparency” Transport Events and Valenciaport have organized the digital meeting “Challenges and Future Opportunities for Ports and Shipping on the Mediterranean” The webinar has highlighted the use of technological platforms such as
ValenciaportPCS and highlights the connectivity and infrastructures of the Port of Valencia for logistics operations The use of intelligent platforms for the exchange of information in real time that connects the entire transport and logistics chain is one of the keys to improving the competitiveness of the port community and placing ports in a strategic position for international trade. It is one of the reflections that has been shared in the digital meeting “Challenges and Future Opportunities for Ports and Shipping on the Mediterranean” organized by Transport Event and Valenciaport. The webinar was attended by Mar Chao, Commercial and Business Director of the PAV; Otto Zsivkovits, Regional Director South East Europe and Director Sales CEE; Nuria Lacaci, Secretary General of the Spanish Association of Freight Shippers and Users (AEUTRANSMER); Francesco de Candia, Iberian Commercial Manager Grimaldi Group in Spain; Philippe Guillaumet, Secretary General of MEDPorts; and Cedomir Bojanic, president Slovenian Association of Ports Logistics Providers. “Nowadays, the development of infrastructures and the exchange of data are so important to reinforce the cooperation of the international port chain”, highlighted the Commercial and Business Director. Chao has set the example of ValenciaportPCS, a competitiveness tool that allows the secure exchange of information between public and private agents that make up the port community and through which more than 850 companies operate, including shipping agents, freight forwarders, shippers, land carriers, rail operators, container terminals and depots. During her presentation, the Commercial and Business Director of the PAV explained that ValenciaportPCS offers more than 20 transactional and informational services, automating port and logistics processes through a single sending of data and connecting transport chains (maritime, road and rail) and logistics. “This exchange of information in real time offers our clients to optimize their resources, save time, be more efficient in their operations and reduce costs”, said Mar Chao. Mar Chao explained the importance of Valenciaport and its hinterland “which represent 60% of the import / export activity in Spain” and highlighted that “connectivity places Valenciaport as a strategic hub in the Mediterranean, which allows companies to access a greater number of markets, in less time and in a more efficient way ”. He also highlighted the commitment that is being made to rail connections that currently facilitates “more than 80 trains per month with the main communication infrastructures”. Valenciaport, a benchmark in connectivity and transparency Francesco de Candia (Grimaldi) has valued the services that the Italian firm from the ports of València and Sagunto that represent 60% of its business in Spain and the “excellent” connection of the Valenciaport infrastructures for the development of its business and that of your customers. He explained that the company has efficient and competitive infrastructures, more than 300,000 m2 in the port of València and 210,000 in Sagunto, and highlighted the investment of 22 million euros in the silos of the València terminal that improves flexibility and customer service. During his speech, the head of Grimaldi pointed out that the company is investing in 12 eco-efficient vessels of the Grimaldi Green 5th Generation class and has indicated the incorporation of the first of them to its fleet: the “Eco Valencia”. For her part, Nuria Lacaci, AEUTRANSMER general secretary, highlighted the privileged position of Valenciaport as a strategic hub in the Mediterranean and the leadership position of the Port of Valencia in connectivity between Spanish and European ports. He also pointed out that Valenciaport is a pioneer in putting information exchange tools at the service of the port community and favoring the competitiveness of its skateholders with new technologies, and an example of transparency since it provides all the information with measurable data that allows to continue improving to the port and its customers. Philippe Guillaumet explained the example of how the Port of Marseille has faced the crisis generated by Covid-19 and the role of new technologies for monitoring, surveillance and decision-making in the port community. Finally, Otto Zsivkovit, has pointed out the collaboration between European ports to find the best routes to customers. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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