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Kazakhstan Restricts Ships From Azerbaijan And Iran Due To Coronavirus

Kazakhstan restricts ships from Azerbaijan and Iran due to coronavirus

Source: Port Aktau
Kazakhstan imposes restrictions on ships from Azerbaijan and Iran due to coronavirus – March 12, 2020 The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine received information from the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan that Kazakhstan is imposing restrictions on ships from Azerbaijan and Iran through the coronavirus. The use of the Baku-Kurik (or Aktau) ferry service in the Caspian Sea by Ukrainian carriers should
take into account the outbreak of the disease in Iran and its further transfer to the territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Joint stay with persons from Iran and Azerbaijan may already cause delay and quarantine. Such a case was possible on 01-03.03.2020 during the movement of Ukrainian haulers by ferry “Professor Gul” on the Baku-Kuryk route. According to the departmental order of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of commercial navigation # 02-01-173 of 28/02/2020 “On measures for the prevention of coronavirus infection” provided for all ports and berthing infrastructure to strengthen sanitary and epidemiological control, in particular: to prohibit the exit from vessels and vessels other persons on board the vessel pending approval by sanitary quarantine control; when approaching the ports of the Republic of Kazakhstan to report on the health status of the crew and other persons; to organize disinfecting barriers between the ship and the mooring, to determine the sanitary mooring for the mooring of vessels; establish medical supervision of all crews of ships, ensure that medical posts are prepared for disinfection. According to the latest information, as of 05.03.2020, the ferry transportation of road carriers between Baku-Kuryk (Aktau) was stopped. Source: Government of Ukraine

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